50 things you should know about us

Oh you know, just 50 things you should know about us. ;)

1. He speaks very articulately.
2. She can never remember what she is going to say.
3. She writes him love notes.
4. He saves them all.
5. She makes his lunch in the morning.
6. He frequently forgets it on the counter.
7. He loves vanilla.
8. She loves chocolate.
9.  She often calls him "giant."
10. He always responds by calling her "peanut"
11. He likes waking up to music
12. She likes the buzzing alarm.
13. They love camping--and all things outdoors.
14. He engraved the inside of her wedding ring.
15. It says "Love you dearly, Kells"
16. He always loses his keys.
17. Somehow, she can always find them.
18. They make bets about everything.
19. She usually loses...and never pays up.
20. They constantly discuss names of their future children.
21. He loves having new socks.
22. His dresser drawers will always be more tidy than hers.
23. They love playing chess together.
24. They have an ever-going chess score on their chalkboard.
25. She nags him to put his shoes away,
26. He wishes she would close the lid on the shampoo.
27. On their first date, she invited him to go to L.A. with her for her brother's wedding.
28. He admitted later that he knew he "was toast" when he was "way too excited to go to L.A. with a girl he hardly knew."
29. He talks in funny accents all of the time.
30.  He tickles her everyday.
31. She (secretly) loves it.
32. Every Sunday morning they have chocolate chip waffles for breakfast.
33. They both despise grocery shopping.
34. They never have good food in their cupboards.
35. She is a high school history/government teacher.
36. He is the king of random knowledge and trivia.
37. He loves audio books.
38. She loves reading books.
39. They love collecting board games.
40. She loves throwing parties.
41. He never leaves the house without kissing her goodbye.
42. She made him promise three things before she would marry him: #1. He had to always honor his priesthood. #2. He had to tell her he loves her everyday. #3. He had to let her die first.
43. He's kept good on all three promises so far. ;)
44. They love working out and going to the gym.
45. But they hate going to the gym together (somehow one of them always ends up waiting for the other person to finish.  Which is never fun.)
46. Their goal is to be part owners of a houseboat in less than 10 years.
47. He always knows how to cheer her up after a bad day.
48. She loves to document life.
49. He is very patient when she asks him to take (or be in) five million pictures and videos.
50. They are best friends.


  1. How have I never seen this?! I was going through all your posts to steal pictures for G&G's digital picture frame and I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS. Love!

  2. PS You are on a cruise without me. I hate you.