a friday

today is juuuuust a goooood day!
first, it's friday.
second...this happened:
this is what happens when you're a teacher, and you happen to mention that you are addicted to the selfie drink at sodalicious.
THREE of them showed up during my lunch within 5 minutes of each other hahahah
oh, I've got some good, good students.
I ended up sharing with my student teacher, because, let's be real.
even with my addictions, I couldn't pound all of those. haha

p.s. this addiction is NOT helping my acid reflux issue.
just. can't. stop.

yesterday on our walk, I told taylor,  "I don't understand why people shovel their driveways.  We never shovel ours, and it does just fine!"
Taylor: "ummm, I shovel ours every day when you leave for work..."
california girl, through and through.

Also, baby girl is moving around sooo much.
Which is just the weirdest thing ever.
And taylor still thinks it's really creepy.
Sometimes it eebs him out so bad, he has to get up and shake it off after she kicks his hand.
hahah it really is so bizarre.
our little alien-like-baby is definitely a mover and squirmer.

I'm also experiencing the "kick all night = up all night"
she kicks sooo much during the night, and I can't fall back asleep, so I just lay in bed and watch netflix.
it's reallll fun. haha

tay and I have been obsessed with looking at kid pictures of ourselves and trying to imagine what little baby gilby will look like.

^isn't he sooo cute? I love it. this picture has been my desktop background for almost a year now. haha I just can't get over that little smile!

other than thinking I was coming down with the flu on wednesday (lots of sleep helped with whatever the bug was), this week has been so good to us!
we are super excited for this weekend! we have some fun plans with some of our dearest friends!


  1. What sweet high school students you have!

  2. Awww! I love that your students love you so much!! But what is a selfie drink?! I need details!!

  3. Aw, what special students! Just love your baby picture - how adorable! x

  4. Want to know something funny? My mother-in-law is in charge of youth court in PG. One day she had a student who was going to be in court that day and she had has "profile" open on her computer screen. I glanced at it and saw his grades from his classes and you were his teacher! HAHA! I got a good kick out of it. Kind of funny how I caught your name even though I just follow your little blog :)

    1. hahaha!! No way!? That is so funny! I wonder which of my students was going to court...ha