the easiest + cutest bridal shower gift

dear dad: do not read. 
over the weekend, I went to my almost-sister-in-law's bridal shower!
I really love trying to find creative bridal shower gifts--and I think I finally created a little gift that is easy to recreate for each one I go to.
I love giving something a little "fun" for bridal showers--but it's always a gamble.
you never really know what kind of shower it's going to be.
is it going to be with aunts, and grandma's, and tea and crumpets?
or a bunch of young girls who will laugh at a slightly inappropriate gift?

and I've definitely made the mistake of bringing the WRONG gift to an aunts and grandma bridal shower. so that was fun.

anyways, I created this little gem, that I think you could possibly get away with for any type of shower.
just right on the edge of "inappropriate" and yet, still acceptable (i hope HA).
but, I guess it all depends on your grandma ;)

at my bridal shower three years ago, my cousin gave me a condom & hand sanitizer and told me to put it in my glovebox.
I decided to take that to the next level:
 ^also, please be proud of my poem! I came up with that all on my own^
the kit includes: a couple of condoms, wipes, zip-lock bags, crest toothpaste, travel toothbrush, mouthwash, and hand sanitizer.
I fit it all in a little box that could easily be put in the glove compartment ;)
this gift was less than $8 and it was a hit!

I also included this gift.
and I completely stole this from pinterest, but just modified it a little.

 ^cut a hole with an exacto-knife underneath your little note.
make sure to have the string exposed so the bride can pull.

and when she does...
 panties galore!
I safety-pinned 10 panties together and it was SO funny to have her pull them all out.
a never-ending panty line.
what we all want and need, right?
the last panty said "bride" on the bum.
which I thought was fitting. ha

You can also include other things at the bottom of the panty box to personalize it for each bride.
I put a victoria's secret giftcard and a "gift" that will remain undisclosed. but she's my almost-sister, so I couldn't help myself HA

and there you have it!
seriously the EASIEST gift that was SUCH a HIT at the shower!

I hope someone out there has a bridal shower coming up--tell me if you use it and how it goes!


  1. this is a seriously cute & funny idea. i would have blushed SO badly at opening that gift, which i think is part of the goal in these gifts, right?! also, your poem is great haha

  2. Hahaha...this is so great! I always feel so awkward at bridal parties because I never know if my gift is appropriate or not. I tend to give a Victoria's Secret gift card because I never know what else to do. Love this!

  3. Hahhaa- oh my gosh! You would fit RIGHT in at our family bridal showers/parties. Those women LOVE to embarrass the bride-to-be and nothing is off limits!!

  4. this is adorable & hilarious!!

  5. I am loving both of these ideas!! Your poem for the first one is hilarious. We have all been there, right? Haha! And the pantie line is super fun and useful! I need someone to get married now! Dangit!

    1. I replied with my wrong google account so it will say no reply. Duh!

  6. Adorable! Love how thoughtful yet easy this is!

  7. This is awesome!! Ah, I wish I would have seen this a couple of days ago whenI had a bridal shower! Ha, I've given the wrong gift so many times. Their aunts and grandmas probably think I'm the nasty friend! lol. I've just reverted to gift cards but I love this idea and will have to use it in the future (we all know there are 100 bridal showers in Utah every year!)! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh my heck you're the cutest person in the whole world!!!!!
    HAHA! I can't tell you how much I LOVE THIS! (:
    I think you just became a new victim of my blog stalking.

    1. HAHAHA... my husband just died at this... he loves it as much as I do.

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