stories that make me laugh

time for a good old picture dump + some fun memories that need to be documented.
+once a month, me and my five teacher friends from my first year of teaching get together.
(but only 4/6 of us are pictured above!)
and it is ALWAYS the best time.
we share such a special bond.
we were all first-year teachers, and there's something about experiencing that together that makes you automatically feel like long-lost-sisters.
we have shed wayyy too many tears, swear words, frustrations, and laughs than I could ever count.
this month, we decided to get crafty.
which is REALLY hard for me to do.
I really wish I could be good at crafts--but I can never come up with original ideas (thank goodness for pinterest!).
so when someone says to me, "here, paint this vase real cute."
I have a mini anxiety attack, look at all of my options, watch what everyone else does, and then try to mimic the best one--but still fail. HA
BUT, I was surprisingly pleased how my craft turned out this time!
big thanks to whitney for doing the last half for me because my original idea did NOT work. haha
cute, right?
just tell me it is, even if it's not.
I made taylor tell me it was cute like 20 times, just because I feel like it's the first crafty thing I'm willing to display.
I'll walk into the kitchen and say, "hey, tay, what do you think about this "NOEL" up here?"
and he'll say (as rehearsed), "oh, it's so cute, kells. you did a fantastic job! Did you make it yourself?"
me: "I sure did."
tay: "you are so crafty!"
(we've had this conversation so many times. he is so good to me. hahah)

+on black friday, taylor and I decided to go get a mattress topper.
we researched which one we wanted, and then headed to kohls to purchase!
welllll, we got home that night, and taylor read the whole "care manual" out loud (totally true to his character. I, on the other hand, toss those things aside, then when I wash it wrong and ruin it, I complain and cry. haha)
part of the care manual warned, "once the mattress topper is removed from the box, it will immediately start to expand and make it difficult to return to original packaging."
well, as soon as taylor pulled it out, I suddenly gasped and said, "taylor we are SO dumb! We got a KING sized! We have a california king!!"
taylor was mad that I didn't think of that literally five seconds earlier, but I couldn't help but laugh at the debacle we were now in.
we spent the next hour (literally) trying to roll it up and push it in the box as fast as we could.
and then taylor got "mad" at me for not weighing enough to actually be of help at trying to squeeze the foam down. it was seriously such a scene. 
oh, and here we are returning it!
look how big it is. HAHA
taylor was sooo embarrassed to take that back into the store.

^my cute date at waffle love^
this might be a "had to be there moment" but I want to write it down so I never forget.
also...dad. please stop reading. k, thanks.
one of our favorite things to do when we go out to eat is observe the couples around us and guess what "date number" they are on.
first-daters are pretty obvious to spot.
they talk louder, are more attentive, laugh louder, and are very aware of what they are doing
(we've all been there, right?)
anyways, so the other night, I said to taylor, "kind of funny how once you're married, you're perfectly content to just sit in silence."
then, with a wink, taylor said, "yeah, it doesn't really matter if the date sucks. I know I'm still getting some at the end of the night." 
I laughed so hard that I spit whipped cream all over his face.
then, with both of us unable to stop laughing, taylor said, "look at us! we're first-daters!"
seriously one of the funniest moments ever. HA

+taylor went to his brother's bachelor party this weekend.
they went to nevada...to gamble. 
and my cute taylor was so funny, because he was so uncomfortable with the whole idea.
his dad even GAVE him money to gamble with because we all knew taylor would never use his own money.
anyways, so on saturday night, taylor called me and said (all panicky), "kells, I lost everything!"
my heart dropped for a minute and I said, "what? what do you mean everything?"
"the five free dollars that the hotel gave me! I lost it all!"
HAHAH--I laughed, then tried to sympathize with him.
but everyone, high five him!
he came out positive in the end--with a whopping $18!
he has the $18 on display right now.
it's pretty cute.

ANYways, pretty happy monday is almost over!
we have a fun filled week ahead!
anyone have fun christmas-y plans?
we need some ideas!

and today is the last day to enter the $250 christmas cash give away! (see a few posts down!)
gooood luck, lovelies!


  1. HAHAHA that comment from Taylor made me laugh out loud - he and Caleb are so the same person. LOL!!

  2. Cute craft! Seriously :) I have that same conversation with my husband every time I craft, too :)

    And those are some funny stories about the mattress topper and dating! :)

  3. Oh mattress topper - that is hilarious!!! That conversation about your craft definitely happens in my house ALL. The. Time! I think you did well though. ;)

  4. Hahaha. I'm still laughing just imagining the mattress topper scene. So frustrating in the moment yet soon funny later!

  5. Hahah I am exactly like you when it comes to crafts! But but but I LOVE the noel sign! If I were you I'd be bragging it all day every day

  6. You never fail to make me laugh! Love it!


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