the busiest weeks

these last couple of weeks have been some of the busiest ever!
and this week is no escape!
I literally have every minute planned from wake-up to 11pm.
I'm getting a little tooooo excited for christmas break--two weeks off!

last night we headed up to salt lake with some of our dearest friends to see the Christmas lights at temple square.
these are really bad iphone pictures, but eh. such is life.

afterwards we went to the yummiest chocolate dessert place and laughed our little heads off all night long.
I just looove anything christmas!
does anyone else have a christmas bucket list? ha

and I am buuuursting with excitement.
because tonight we get to go pick up our little sister, regan, from the airport!
she has been in china for six months--and I have missed her way too much!
but look how cool she is!

also, maybe one of the worst slip-ups I've made in class:
they were being extremely chatty, and so I meant to say "I'm going to start taking off points real fast!"
and on accident I said, "I'm going to start taking off pants real fast."
which led to extreme laughter and the students screaming, "mrs. gilbert, please don't take off your pants! please! and don't take mine off either!"
oh and that definitely ended up on twitter--I had a million students not from that class come ask me why I told my third period I was taking off my pants.
ohhh high school joys.

t-10 hours until I hug the cutest gilbert sister around!!!


  1. Yikes. I can't imagine how you deal with a slip like that! Haha...that'll probably haunt you all year, yeah? Also, I desperately want your boots in those pictures from Temple Square. Have a great time with your sister!

  2. Wow!!! The Christmas lights in SLC look amazing!!! Hope you enjoy some quality sister time and the kiddos keep their pants on... Because I already know how you feel about pants ;)

  3. Ba ha ha ha, the slip up!! I died! It's ok though, two days ago I was showing my students a video clip on youtube and the commercial before was called "rip your clothes off". Don't worry, my computer decided to freeze and the image of a girl in undies was stuck up on the screen for a good 30 seconds while I frantically pushed buttons all over the place, ha ha ha.

  4. Yay for temple square! I have sadly not made it up there with my hubby yet this Christmas season. And haha your story about your class had me laughing!