this cute china-resider came home yesterday after being gone for 6 months!
it was the happiest reunion!
I have missed her soooo much!

I was sooo giddy last night while we were waiting.
and when we finally saw her--it was just the BEST.
^mom pictures are always the sweetest^

oh, and funniest thing. 
right when taylor was snapping this picture on my phone, my countdown popped up!
perfect timing! hahaha

^we were sure to bring her some fresh dirty-diet-cokes.
did you know they don't have coke in china?

^she literally had tears while drinking. it was the best^

 regan is one of those people I don't know how I lived without.
she is just my favorite thing in the whole world.
I could talk about her forever and her cool wonderlust spirit.
but mostly, I'm just so excited that I get to see her when I go home today!
gilbert sisters finally reuuuunited!!!
it's the best feeling!
us gilberts are a pretty happy crew!
...and HOORAH for america!


  1. ahh you got a sister back, i'm so excited for you! and now on to WEDDING WEEK! have fun!

  2. These pics are amazing!!!! I love all the smiles and hugs - you guys are the people I live to see in the airport!! ;)

  3. Yay! How precious are these hugging pictures?! Also, amazing timing on your alarm. Holy wow.