Such a wonderful vacation!

We have been having SUCH a blast!!  Lots of beach trips, shopping trips, and yummy food trips.  Can life get better than that?  Plus, so many laughs, good times, and memories shared.

One funny story to share: Last night, we were trying to find a place to eat for dinner.  We got a late start, and didn't set out for dinner until about 8pm.  But EVERYTHING was closed!  Probably because it was Easter.  We were starving...and just wanted to eat!  Finally, we find the first open restaurant: TrueFoods.  None of us had heard of it before, and we decided to try it out.  As soon as we walked through the doors, we were a little skeptical: we heard strange indie music and saw lots of elderly...very pretentious looking elderly...but, we decided to check out the menu anyway.  Once we got a look at the menu, we realized it was a no-meat, gluten-free, good-food-free, quite expensive restaurant.  None of us wanted any of it.  We asked Dad if we could leave...but he was too embarrassed to get up and walk away since we had already been seated.  Dad finally relented as long as we let him leave first and get a head start before we all left.  So, he got up to leave...but we didn't really give him a head start.  So about 2 minutes after we were seated, we were bolting, and we were given the strangest looks.  We laughed all of the way back to the car.  Maybe you had to be there...but we enjoyed it immensely.  TrueFoods has become the joke of the trip.  We ended up having a very classy dinner at CoCos.  Yep...the only open place around.

Here are some pictures of our awesome trip so far:

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