Our Weekend

We had a great weekend! Here's how it went:

I went and supported Mr. T at his basketball game. He scored 24 out of the 50 points! The star of the show! So proud of my man :)

And, we made our sugar goal for the week (well, Kelli did -Love, Taylor). Reward? SUGAR! We made those delicious homemade cookies we were craving!  We enjoyed them while cuddling up to a movie together.

A happy mess.

We watched Taylor's little cousin, Brooke. She's a doll. The three of us watched Fox and the Hound. I keep asking Tay if we can get a baby fox. He hasn't relented yet...
In the evening, Taylor and I went to the American Sign Language temple session at Mount Timpanogas temple. We loved the ASL session. We wanted to take a picture in front of the temple afterwards, but it was so cold and windy, we just bolted to our car!

Mr. T and I went to Taylor's cousin's farewell. He is headed off to the Democratic Republic of Congo in just a week or so. He did a great job! Tay and I had to leave the farewell party early, because we were both teaching in our own wards. Here is a picture of my YW handout. It wasn't the best, but it was done very last minute, so the result was better than I thought it would be!

(image taken from holyhandouts.blogspot.com)
Funny story:

There has been a tractor parked in front of our landlord's house this weekend. While walking into our apartment after church, Taylor thought it would be a good idea to throw the keys into the tractor scoop. Turns out, there was a puddle of mud inside the scoop. It didn't end up being a very good idea...

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, because we sure did!

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  1. Fun weekend! Our puppy will look like a baby fox! You can come to California and play with him anytime you want!! :) and then you can play with the baby while you're at it!!