Just another manic Monday...

The highlight of my day?  I didn't have to work today, so I was able to go down to BYU campus during Mr. T's break between classes and spend some time with him.  We enjoyed a Jamba Juice together and had a fun time talking about our day and laughing.

Tonight we made a delicious dinner!  I got the recipe from my lovely Mom.  It's called Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwiches (it's a mock recipe of the sandwiches made at Blue Bayou at Disneyland...which my family LOVES).  The sandwiches were so YUM!

Plates licked clean. The sauce on the plate is a delicious blackberry dipping sauce for the sandwiches. Again...so YUM!

Another highlight of my day:  We walked over to Taylor's parents house after dinner to say hello.  When we left their house, it had started to snow outside.  Taylor told me to jump on his back, and he ran home as I nestled into his back and neck to warm up from the cold.  With the snow falling down, and our laughter breaking the silence of the night, I realized once again how lucky I am to have Taylor Ray as my husband and best friend for the rest of my life.

Hope you all had a happy Monday!

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  1. um that recipe from your lovely mother came to your lovely mother from your lovely sister, ME. so you can thank me for your yummy dinner. you are welcome. :]