He can't even use old age as an excuse...

Welcome to mine and Taylor's conversation just a few minutes ago:

Taylor (with a sad face): "You forgot my half birthday..."
Me: "What? When was it?"
Taylor: "February 1st."
Me: "Whoops. Sorry. But you didn't remember or celebrate mine on October 15th."
Taylor: "Well, we were on our honeymoon that day, so that's automatic celebration."
Me: "We weren't on our honeymoon on October 15th..."
Taylor: "Yes, we were..."
Me: "Taylor, our honeymoon was only five days."
Taylor: "Yeah, I know. We got married on the 11th. So we were still on our honeymoon on the 15th."
Me: "Are you serious?" Then I explode in violent laughter. "This is so sad."

Taylor just looked at me with a confused look and said, "The 11th..." in a small timid voice. Then a startled look of realization and immediate regret hit his face (an appropriate "oh shizzz" face), until he joined me in uncontrollable laughter.

We've only been married for 5 months and he's already forgotten that we were married on the 8th. And he can't even use old-age as an excuse...

Fun fact: This picture hangs in our house. These same numbers were on our wedding announcement. These same numbers hang in our home. And yet, he still can't remember what day we were married.

Oh, how I love my dear clueless husband. :)

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  1. I can see how he might be confused though because there is an 11 at the end!! :) Is he dyslexic? LOL totally kidding..