Opposites Attract

Most of the time, I feel like Taylor and I are the exact same person. But, on days like this, I realize how different we really are.

On the left is what I ordered from Taco Bell. The right side is his order.

There are other differences too: Taylor likes to wake up to music; I prefer the buzzing alarm. Taylor can make decisions quickly; I have to look at every option (A-Z, 1-100) before I make a decision. Taylor can stay up for hours watching TV or movies; I always fall asleep within the first five minutes. Taylor wins every game he plays; I...well, I guess there always has to be a loser. Taylor ia very tall; I am extremely short.

Even with our differences (even these small silly ones), I still cherish Mr. T to pieces. And he is so great at showing me everyday how much he loves me too.

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  1. Cute blog girl! I love reading about your newlywed happy life! Makes me smile remembering. That would be our order at Taco Bell too. It amazes me how much more boys can eat!