playing catch up.

playing a little catch-up since I've been MIA!

we love love love hosting people in our home.
Taylor makes fun of me because I kind of thrive off of getting to plan a party. HA
so there is always something we have planned ( aka galentines coming up in just a few weeks!)

before it got too cold, we tried to do as many backyard nights as we could.
which always ended around the fire-pit!

we also finally started a tradition taylor has been dreaming of for a long time!
now that we have a home, we were able to fulfill his dream of hosting a "christmas dinner" for our dearest, dearest friends.
taylor envisions it as an "appreciation" dinner for some of the most special people in our lives.
we were really fortunate that we were able to have dinner catered for our friends, and ring in the christmas season together.
taylor had a really great idea to string lights across the ceiling--which really set a fun mood for dinner.

 I was SUPER grateful that taylor's dream involved catering from a restaurant, because I doubt they would have appreciated my burnt quesadillas. ha
I tried to claim the dessert as my own--but I was ratted out real quick ;)...kelli doesn't cook. haha
 I have just been so grateful for this winter season!
we've been on a cuddling/movie kick lately, and it's pretty great.

ALSO, I felt baby girl move yesterday for the first time!!!
I felt little movements all day, and wasn't totally sure if it was it.
But at night, I just laid on our bed and FOCUSED, and she moved a few times!
it was the weirdest/coolest/most amazing thing.
but it felt nothing like anyone described it...but I also can't describe it myself, so I see where the problem lies.
ha but today she has been SO active!
one day NADA, and the next...she's going crazy! it's so so so weird.
she just barely kicked me so hard, and it was the craziest thing.

could life get better?
I just love my baby girl so much!


  1. Goodness you guys are cute! I can't wait to have a big home with a big table and host dinners :) even if I get Chickfila to cater ;) hah! So happy you felt the baby kick! How amazing?

  2. I want to come to a party at your house! You look like the funnest couple.

  3. That light idea for a dinner is so clever! And I'm so excited you finally felt your sweet girl moving around in there! It's the best, isn't it?!

  4. We love hosting people too but sadly our apartment is teeny tiny! Can't wait to have a house though so we can throw some real shin-digs. Congrats on your coming baby! Can't imagine what that would be like to feel a baby move inside of myself... ahh!

  5. Lovely to see you in my feed pretty lady x

  6. Yay for a sweet Christmas/appreciation dinner. That's a fantastic tradition. I like the way that Taylor Ray thinks! ;)

  7. Love the candy cane place card holders!! Have to remember that for when I host Christmas dinner next year!! And also your dining room chairs are fabulous!! And Jenga...with a hammer? Just can I come over?? LOL Have a great weekend!!