nursery reveal!

we had so so so much fun designing our nursery!!
Taylor was actually very much involved in the process, and had so many of his own visions of how he wanted his little baby girl's nursery to look like, so it was really fun picking out all of the pieces together! 

I've linked all purchases, and would highly recommend every shop!
 I am a HUGE believer in never paying for ANYTHING full price.
which means I picked all of my pieces way in advance and then waited for awesome deals.
Little baby gilby is also my little good luck charm.
In the last four months, I have won 25 insta giveaways (almost all baby related haha), totaling over $2,500 in winnings!! 
Sooo start entering those giveaways, people!

our vision for this nursery was wood and white, with pops of pink.
We wanted to be able to easily switch out the pops of pink for pops of blue, if our next baby is a boy!
So all of the big furniture and paint color is gender neutral--which is definitely something I would recommend!

on to the reveal!
^this dresser was actually taylor's dresser growing up! I love the history and heritage it adds to the room!

^hexagon shelves from Haase Handcraft.
I waited for a coupon code for these--and this shop was sooo great at matching the stain I envisioned for the shelves.

ALL 20-something of the bracelets were insta-wins from june and penny!

my sister, marci, made 90% of those bows. the other 10% were instagram wins!

 ^my favorite piece of the whole nursery might be this unicorn rocker.
I've had my eye on it for yearsssss.
It was a little pricey, but sweet taylor surprised me with it for my birthday because he knew how much I wanted it!
can find it here: unicorn rocker

 ^I searched FOREVER for a glider. I couldn't find ANYTHING I liked for the longest time.
Finally, Taylor suggested we try babies-r-us (I was sure they wouldn't have anything I liked there, and within 2 minutes of being in the store, we found and fell in love with this beauty. It is THE MOST comfortable chair EVER, and is a glider/rocker/recliner!
We custom-ordered the color (white/sand colored gliders are almost impossible to find!!).
Also, we got it about 35% off, just by asking if they would honor an online-only coupon.
If you are going to splurge on one thing in your nursery, it's got to be the chair.
When my family was here this last week, we were constantly fighting over who got to sit in it.

^crib from walmart!! would you ever guess that they have THE cutest cribs!?
taylor's parents gifted us this, and I checked the price almost every day and had his mom grab it when I caught it on sale!
we went with the walnut legs, and I loooove it!

my siblings got this for me for my birthday...and again, ALWAYS ask (especially smaller shops) if they are offering any deals.
My sister asked if she was willing to discount it, and she gave her 15% off, just because!

cutest cutest quilt made by my sister, marci!
pillow from target.
book basket from target.

I won this $270 rug on an insta-giveaway (this baby is so lucky!).
it's a washable rug from lorena canals.
the side-table is from tj maxx!
this darling print is from homespun signs!
all of her prints come beautifully framed!
yet again, another instagram win. ;)
this is taylor's favorite piece in the room.
He said it reminds him of me, and how he hopes our little girl will be, too.

okay the chandelier!
I saw this EXACT one at z gallerie for about 5x the price.
but then found the same one at pier 1!
so, we had been told to have a little nightlight for the nursery for when you need to go in at night and check on baby/do whatever, so taylor decided to take that to the next level. HA
he bought a wi-fi lightbulb for this chandelier, so we can turn the light on really low from our phones if we have to go in/and I can control the lamp from my phone while nursing.
it's pretty dang cool.

blanket basket from target.

^this picture was drawn by my super talented cousin. Do you see our special gender-reveal-bunny in the picture?!

^and of course, here's penny! the gender-reveal-bunny!

^"I love you" prints were made by my sister, printed at staples, and framed with ikea frames.
both of those prints (frames and all) were only $30 total!

^my favorite print of the provo city center temple!
stool is from hobby lobby.

 ^taylor almost burned down our house trying to install the ceiling light. HA
for real though.
it exploded the first time we turned it on. hahah
we got this light at home depot, and it matches our chandelier PERFECTLY.

just a fun shot of half of her closet.
she has more clothes than both of us combined. haha!

okay, a little story here about this coin sitting on top of the window.
taylor put it up there on purpose just to bug me.
I kept taking it down, and somehow the next day, it was back up there.
this went on for WEEEEEKS.
Finally, I was getting too big to actually care about standing on a stool to get it down.
then, with my family here a few days ago, I asked my little brother to get it down for me, and it would be gone once and for all.
Taylor swooped in, grabbed the coin, and ran out of the room.
the next thing we know, he comes back into the room, sticks it back up, and says, "good luck getting it down."
not even kidding.
my family thought it was hilarious, but I was a little bugged that he created such an eye-sore in our perfect nursery. HAHA
he says baby girl will forever have good luck and we will forever have a good story.
oh, dear, sweet taylor.
what you do to me.
this is such a taylor-story though, I can't even handle it. hahah

and that's a wrap of our nursery reveal!

we are sooo ready for you baby girl!


  1. Beautiful! What a lucky little girl. Love you!

  2. Love the hex shelves and the triangle quilt! I was so hoping to win that giveaway your sister did because her quilts are so cute! :)

    Also, the penny story. I DIE! That is just too funny. I've thought about that like three times since first reading this post yesterday, and every time I just laugh because it's so random! :)

  3. It looks amazing!!! I love it! What paint color did you use?! Also... where's the gold print from?? Lastly... You ARE the luckiest. Must be the coin. ;)

    1. the gold print is from @letthembegold! It's an etsy shop, or you can find them on instagram! I will get back to you on the paint color! Remind me if I forget...I just need to ask Taylor what it was!

  4. Eeeeeek, love the nursery! Ive loved your little blog since forever but even more now that you'll have a sweet babe soon! (also predicting you're going to have her today!)

  5. This is amazing! I love how all the details tie together so perfectly. Totally Pintrest worthy right here.

  6. I cannot believe he superglued that coin to the wall - LOL! Sounds like something only he would do ;) hehe... I am totally obsessed with little gals nursery, girl. You two did a great job! Side note, I CANNOT believe how much free stuff you got!!! Woohoo! Giveaways are great, but you're right, somebody has to win them!!

  7. I've been looking at this glider but A) don't see the option to change the color online and B) what amazing coupon did you use and when? I love your blog!!

    1. Sorry, I just saw this! We went into the store, so maybe you can only custom order the color in-store?? And there was a coupon online that was 20% off all baby gear. I would definitely wait for another coupon, because they pop up every couple of weeks!! We LOVE that glider!! Good luck!