Andi's blessing day

On Sunday, Andi received the sweetest baby blessing from her daddy.

^does she look like she is singing in this picture? HA^
The dress she wore was made by my mom 31 years ago.
All of the girls in my family wore it on their blessing day.
(also please notice her receding hairline in above picture...hahaha it kills us)

there was something extra special about dressing my baby girl in the dress that my mom once put me in to be blessed.
I couldn't help but admire the dress in a new way that day.
As I buttoned her back buttons, I told her a little bit about each girl who was blessed in that dress.
She comes from such a beautiful legacy!

^and the little booties!^

a few of the men who stood in her circle to bless her!

 we sure love grandpa gilbert!

 and now...a photo dump, because I want to remember everything about this day!


the things that stood out to me from her blessing:
+she will be blessed with so much happiness, and from that happiness she will bless the lives of others with extreme kindness
+she will be successful, but not at the expense of others' failures
+she will learn from mine and taylor's weaknesses and strengths in order to make her future family even better and stronger than ours

taylor and I had a really sacred and special experience early in my pregnancy in which we truly learned of the special spirit of our little one.
I think that experience really testified to us how special our little girl will be.
she is going to do some pretty great and amazing things on this earth, and I feel pretty overwhelmed that I get to be her mother!

my sister accidentally snapped this picture of me buttoning her dress, but I really love it.
I seriously love taking care of her and all of the little things it entails.
there is seriously nothing that compares to being a mom, and loving something so little with everything you have.
my little best friend--I love you so.

more than ever, this day helped me realize how grateful I am for this trio we have.
And especially that we are guided by a loving Father in heaven through this journey in life.
We really, really love our little Andi bear.


  1. The sweetest little blessing in your lives! I am so proud of you and the mama that you are my friend - so incredibly happy for you x

  2. That dress is so sweet. What an awesome tradition to continue! Love how much Grandpa Gilbert loves Andi Bear too! So precious!

  3. What a special day for a beautiful girl and her family!

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/

  4. What a sweet thing to do for your babe! I love that she's wearing the dress so many women before her wore! I also love YOUR red dress. So cute, darlin!