notifications: by the husband

“How does that not just stress you out!?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

It seems like Kell and I have this conversation three times a week about some random topic. For as much as we have become like each other, there are moments when I realize we are still very much our own people.

“You have 6 unread text messages!”


“How does that not just stress you out!”

“I leave them unread so that I remember to respond to them.”

Those who have been unfortunate enough to endure a texting conversation with me know that I kind of suck at it. My “system” doesn’t seem to help me much. This is in contrast to my wife; she is a straight-up texting wizard. She can fire a fully punctuated text off before the ringer is halfway through its full volumed aggravating ding sound. So naturally seeing this -

Causes some serious consternation.

After a 10 minute desperate exhortation to at least read my texts (shortening my response time is going to take nothing short of shock therapy), so she doesn’t develop a burbling peptic ulcer, I promised I would try for her.

A few hours later I picked up her phone to find a picture she had taken that day. That is when I found this:

Yeah. That says 30,000 unread emails. 30,000.

It is a good thing I love her, because I sure don’t understand her.


  1. 30000 KELLI?!?! I totally feel you on the text thing, but I hate ALL red notifications hahahaha. You guys complete us! Love you!

  2. This is hilarious! From multiple standpoints. haha!

  3. Hahaha...so hilarious. Oddly enough, I'm just like that! I have 561 "unread" emails that filled my inbox when I merged email addresses. Ugh.

  4. LOL!!!! That is A LOT of unread emails!

  5. Haha hysterical! I have serious anxiety over those little red numbers... I have to get rid of them, on the spot!
    30 000?? OH. EM. GEE.

  6. that number would TOTALLY stress me out! lol.

  7. I might be the only one but I actually like those red notification. It allows me to be disillusioned into thinking I'm slightly popular.