I love being a tiger.

I am so in love with my new school!
I am so impressed with everyone and everything.
I just can't express how happy I am to be at Orem High.
I really feel like I am MEANT to be here.

I smile when I arrive at the school within six minutes.
My heart jumps for joy at the speedy internet connection.
I giggle at how large my classroom is!
I feel like a real person...because coworkers treat each other RIGHT here.
I take a deep breath at the lack of drama.
I hug the copy lady (I have a copy lady!!).

I feel pretty accomplished today.
Last year, I went home sobbing on my first day teaching
(and for the next two weeks after that...)
I had one goal for my first week: no tears.
Today, on my first day, I leave smiling and happy, truly happy.
I did it.

It's a good day.

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